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Flies in Compost (10 Things To Do Now)

Many people avoid starting a compost bin because they don’t want to attract unwanted insects, such as fruit flies, to their garden and home. Don’t let this possibility prevent you from producing your own nutrient-rich compost! There are ways to discourage these critters from taking up residence in your compost bin! Whether you call them fruit flies, or […]

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How to Turn Compost (And Get Quicker Results)

The act of turning compost can mean the difference between finished compost in just a few months, or waiting much longer for decomposition to happen. Turning influences composting speed, but it can also help resolve a number of common composting problems. And most of us want good quality compost quicker… Right ? So, in the following lines […]

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Dry Compost Solutions (Is your Compost Bin Too Dry?)

Compost can become dry at times. And as you probably know, this can slow down the process of decomposition, drastically! Below I’m going to talk about how to judge the moisture content of your compost bin, and how to remedy dry compost problems. So is your compost too dry? If you see very little or no […]

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